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Very excited to share this upcoming group exhibition that I'm a part of, organised by the wonderful and talented Natasha Lea and featuring myself, Robert Jenkins and Smij. The exhibition will be held at Temple of the Muse Gallery in Northbridge, opening July 22nd 2017. Whilst this is a free event, special $12 VIP tickets are available from here that allow you early access to the show as well as an exclusive print from Natasha Lea and a cocktail on arrival. Not only that, it greatly helps us to put on a good show for you all. Event details here. The exhibition runs until 5th August. NOWHERESVILLE -

A town filled with the enchanting souls, who grew from wandering around the middle of nowhere. Isolated from the rest of the universe, artists in all forms have grown to look within themselves for enlightenment and entertainment. Amazing talent continues to grow from these very floors & it’s city streets, forever inventing their own culture of art and music, standing alongside peers and like minded kindred spirits, all revelling in the bizarre creations that develop from our vivid imaginations… Look for it! Captured in the confines of The Temple Of The Muse in Northbridge, is NOWHERESVILLE - Four local & individual artists creating with no restrictions. Their outlet, their canvas and their minds open on display. Come experience & celebrate the artist experience & step into the nowhere... Proudly sponsored by Neighbourhood Brew and Howling Wolves.

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